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Bebi Tech is mostly known for being a cutting-edge technology and social media consulting firm, but few people might know about our past with Apple Inc., then lead by visionary Steve Jobs, and our close ties with tech giant Sony Electronics. Below is our origin story, highlighting the passion that has helped build this company and fuel the people behind it.

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What's Convenient For you?

Bebi Tech is built on the idea of cutting-edge technology. This means being able to communicate with our clients in the most convenient method for them. Below, you will see a vast list of communication methods we provide in order to cater to your lifestyle on your terms.



Say you’re a fan of picking up the good-ol phone or maybe you like having Siri do your bidding; the point is, if you’re ready to talk to us, then we’re ready to listen at:



If you’re anything like us, then you live and breathe in your emails! We know emailing is still a great and reliable way of communicating, so if you’ve got questions, we’d love to send you a reply back! We can be reached at:
E-Mail Us



File an e-Ticket with us by filling out our simple form below. This form will then be sent to the grid which will route your information to the next available consultant in all methods of communication, including a ring/text/email/tweet/fax…You get the picture.



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A Custom Tailored Solution

Bebi Tech Consulting is the preferred resource for anyone seeking professional assistance with innovative solutions for their home or business. Bebi Tech Consulting gets you the most value for your time and technology because each Apple Certified consultant is there to understand your unique circumstances and goals to help you achieve the high quality and specialized service you seek.

Here are some examples of our services. We now invite you to let your mind run wild.

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They Said What?

We’ve told you plenty about our company, our vision, and our services but nothing speaks more profoundly than what our clients have to say. Below you will find just a few things they’ve said about us.



Fisher Apple
I have been receiving excellent service from Sohrab of Bebi Tech Consulting for over a year and he consistently exceeds my expectations! I have found him to be reliable, professional and highly knowledgeable.

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